How Petsy Boosted Organic Traffic by 10,000% with AI

What’s Petsy all about?

Petsy is a Polish online platform that connects pet owners with petsitters. They offer services like dog and cat boarding, home visits from petsitters, and dog walking. SEO plays a crucial role in their growth strategy, driving quality traffic from search engines and raising brand awareness among pet owners.

I can confidently say that Copymate has been a game-changer for our SEO strategy. The AI-powered tool has not only allowed us to significantly increase our blog’s organic traffic but also drastically cut down our content marketing costs. Copymate has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in our growth and brand visibility. I highly recommend it to any business looking to elevate their SEO game.

Michał Wojewoda – CEO @ Petsy

How did Copymate help in boosting organic traffic?

Petsy’s SEO strategy is multi-faceted. One of its key components is enhancing visibility for keywords related to informational search intent. To achieve this, we created a blog at

Initially, the blog content was crafted by copywriters. However, due to budget constraints, this wasn’t cost-effective. In April 2023, we started using Copymate to generate articles.

What were the results?

Within a few months, the blog’s organic visibility skyrocketed from 70 to around 8,000 monthly visits, while content marketing costs were slashed by 98%!

GSC chart
A Google Search Console graph showing the clicks for’s blog URLs.
Ahrefs chart
A graph from the Ahrefs tool showing organic traffic for

Besides the traffic boost, many posts made it to Direct Answer.

Google search result for the phrase “ropne krosty u psa”
Google search result for the phrase “rak odbytu u psa”
Google search result for the phrase “octenisept dla psa”

There’s no SEO magic here, no technical optimization was implemented, and the blog is just a standard WordPress template. We simply created high-quality, SEO-optimized articles entirely generated by AI.

Copymate allows for generating an unlimited number of texts with a single click, and the posts are automatically published on WordPress. This way, the time needed to manage the project was virtually reduced to zero.

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What did the process look like?

Content plan

Copymate shines when you use it to create multiple articles at once. So, the first step was to create a comprehensive content plan, including keyword research and a list of hundreds of topics to write about.

We used Ahrefs and an in-house tool for scraping competitor sites to create the content plan.

Content plan in Polish language
TIP: If you don’t have a ready content plan, you can use the Keywords AI tool. Just provide the keywords your articles should be about, and Copymate will generate a list of topics for you.

Content creation

The execution of the content plan depends on each SEO specialist’s individual approach. We chose to publish dozens of articles monthly according to thematic clusters. This pace allowed for a steady increase in organic traffic and effectively filled the clusters.

Thanks to the CSV-based content creation feature, the whole text generation process is a breeze and takes about 30 seconds.


Publishing a large number of articles can be a tedious and time-consuming process. To save resources, we used Copymate’s built-in WordPress integration for this purpose. This made the publication process, which normally takes hours, last only a few seconds. With one click, all created articles can be published directly on the site.

TIP: You can also export all articles as .doc files or an .xls spreadsheet.


To maximize the SEO results, we decided to speed up the site’s indexing using Google’s Indexing API. Copymate has a built-in integration with the Indexing API, and thanks to a simple configuration, you can send up to several thousand URLs to Google’s index daily.

All generated and published posts were systematically indexed.

TIP: If you want to index more than 200 URLs per day, add multiple API keys in the configuration.


In a nutshell, Petsy’s SEO game is on fire! By leveraging the power of AI through Copymate, we’ve managed to skyrocket blog’s organic traffic by an impressive 10,000%. And the cherry on top? We did it while slashing content marketing costs by 98%. This case study demonstrates the potential of AI in SEO and content creation. It’s not about magic tricks or complex technical optimizations – it’s about smart, strategic use of innovative tools. So, if you’re looking to up your SEO game, it’s time to embrace AI.

Ready to boost your SEO game like Petsy?
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