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Create a service account in Google Cloud Platform

To be able to use the Indexing API interface, you must first create a service account in Google Cloud Platform:

  • Enter the name of your project and click CREATE
  • Enter the account name, the rest can be skipped
  • Click on the three dots next to your service account and select Manage keys

  • Create new key
  • Key type JSON
  • The key should be saved on the disk (json file). You will need the “client_email” and “private_key” from this file later.

Add Indexing API interface to the project

  • Go to the API interfaces library
  • Search for “indexing api” and choose an interface from the list.
  • Enable interface

Add new owner in Google Search Console

  • Add a new user in Google Search Console. Enter the “client_email” from the JSON file with the key as the email. Remember that the user must have owner permissions for the tool to work correctly

Setup your project in the Copymate application

  • Add project name. The project name must be exactly the same as the URL address of the page added to Google Search Console.
  • Add the API key. Enter the relevant fields from the JSON file with the key
  • Return to the view with the list of Indexing API projects and click on the “Run Indexing API” button.
  • Select the key, add the list of addresses you want to index, and click the Submit URLs button.
  • If you have configured everything correctly, the addresses will be submitted for indexing.