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What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an advanced SEO tool that specializes in SERP analysis and content optimization for search engines. It allows users to identify keywords and phrases that are critical for increasing their website’s visibility on Google search results. By using this tool, content creators can adjust their articles to align with the latest SEO trends and strategies of competitors, leading to better rankings and a boost in organic traffic.

What’s the magic behind it?

NeuronWriter carries out an in-depth SERP analysis, gathering information about the keywords that should be incorporated into your article. This data is then transferred to Copymate via JSON. Based on this information, a completely unique, SEO-optimized article is created.

Consequently, the content produced by the Copy-keywords-001 model is even more compliant with Google’s standards.

How can you generate article using Copy-keywords-001?

  • Start by conducting an analysis for your chosen keyword in NeuronWriter.
  • Use the “Copy terms in JSON” button to copy your terms.
  • Paste your JSON into Copymate and click “Parse Script” button.
  • If necessary, you can remove any superfluous terms. Type title and add your article.

That’s it! Your perfectly SEO-optimized article will be ready within minutes!

Below is an example of a generated article: